Sell more to socially conscious consumers.

Your most important conscious messaging, now right next to your "Add to Cart." Educate your customer on what you stand for, without redirecting them out to your "About Us" page.
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88% of consumers want to be socially conscious buyers, but they're lazy.

We can say that because we are them... Most Millennial and Gen Z today are "slacktivists". They care about social issues when shopping, but only to the point of it not requiring too much effort. Swiping, liking, and clicking buttons are easy, but searching for your 'About Us' page isn't.
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Add "About Us" banners above your Add to Cart buttons.

Customize proven templates that will encourage add to cart clicks with socially conscious consumers.
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You choose the stories.

Share your Founder story, sustainability initiatives, supply chain, product impact, donations, or even just beliefs.
Select Your Banner Style

You choose the banner style.

Select your banner style from fail-proof templates to best match your unique site.
Product selector

You choose which products you want to show it on.

Because integrates right into your Shopify store, so you can choose only the relevant SKU's for each story.
Edit Your About Us Banners

Customize your banner without any tech help.

Edit your banner width, height, font, colors, icons, copy, and more, all without any fancy tech help. Publish live to your site in a matter of seconds.
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Give yourself a pat on the back.

Just like that, you're live. Tweak your banners any time and turn them on/off as your stories evolve.
Campaign Details

Manage A/B testing and go back to edit any time.

Your campaign dashboard helps you track conversion impact to see how your mission is resonating with socially conscious consumers.
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Shameless Pets increases sales conversion by 243%

Read how this sustainable pet food brand used Because to drastically increase add to cart actions & sales conversion.
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How to sell more to socially conscious consumers

You have to make it clear what you stand for. But how do you do that effectively? Our eBook shares how.
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⭐5 Star Reviews⭐

Small Shopify businesses share why they love Because to feature their mission on their product pages.
Brandy Mercredi
"Our most important conscious messaging is now right on the product page. It looks great and even better has increased our conversion rate substantially. The whole setup process was a breeze..."


Brandy Mercredi (Ethical Apparel Brand Made in Canada)
"We're so glad that we were able to highlight our sustainable mission where it matters the most: the product page! The implementation was very smooth and easy, I can only recommend!"

Adore Me

Marie Lagadec (Re-Apparel Brand, 100% Recycled Sweatshirts)
Marisa Fuller
"Because has helped solve bringing our company’s mission and core values to our product pages vs having your customers go digging through our site... They go above and beyond to answer any questions you have for best practices!"

Marisa in Motion

Marisa Fuller (Pilates Apparel Brand)
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Okay, Boomer.

We ARE those short-attention span, socially conscious Millennials we talked about ;) But, that means we understand the new generation of consumers and how they want to buy.
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Prove giving back is good for business

We believe we can't solve many of our social and environmental issues with government and NGO support alone.​ So, we're making having a social mission not just a good business decision, but a good FOR your business decision.​
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