Time to ditch your 'About Us' Page...

Socially conscious consumers don't want to put in effort to find what you stand for. That's why we built no-code cause banners for your Shopify site.
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Differentiate your on-site buying journey based on purpose, not features

64% of consumers today prefer to buy from a brand that stands for the same causes they believe in. Because helps you share the purpose-driven stories you need to succeed with today's socially conscious consumer.

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Find a better balance of product and purpose messaging

Some of the most globally-renowned marketers say the perfect marketing mix is 60% product - 40% purpose. Because helps you move from what is probably 95-5 on your site today, closer to that 60-40 mark, so you can achieve long-lasting authentic brand connection with your consumers.

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Stop making your customers search for your mission

Most sites today fall victim to sharing their social impact stories on the 'About Us' or 'Our Mission' pages on the back page of the site somewhere. Your purpose matters in those crucial touch-points on the path to purchase, so why are you making your consumers search for it?

Yeah, you heard us right. Your "About Us" page isn't enough.

91% of global consumers expect more than just an awesome product. They want you to constantly remind them of what you stand for. And hiding your mission in your footer or About Us page doesn't cut it anymore.

Because helps you seamlessly incorporate cause into your customer's buying journey with no-code cause banners. And every banner is completely customizable to your brand and intelligent to the social impact of each of your products SKU's.

You can do better than price, features, and convenience.

We all know consumers are motivated not just by conveniently priced products, but by what your brand stands for. If your only on-site tactic to increase conversion today consists of emphasizing more of your product features (or even worse- discounts), you're missing out on a huge opportunity to emotionally connect with Millennial & Gen Z consumers on a deeper level.

Because helps you create authentic human connection with consumers by reminding them of their social impact of buying with you instead of another brand, throughout their entire buying experience.

Ditch reactive one-off campaigns. Embrace always-on purpose.

Consumers are living on social and digital channels, and they're quickly forming their opinions on societal issues. In the age of COVID-19 and #BLM, brands need to make quick decisions and showcase their beliefs while their customers are already on their buying journey. That shouldn't require hard coding every single time.

To quote our mentor Hap Klopp, Co-Founder of The North Face, "There is no time for perfect information. If you wait, you’re going to be late to the party.”

Your brand needs to stand for something

But consumers are BS detectors. So how do you share what your brand stands for without virtue-signaling or green-washing? We lay it all out for you in our whitepaper.
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See the platform in action

Ready to show the world what you stand for? So are we! Let’s get started together.
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Purpose-driven brands helping build Because

We know we can't change the world alone. That's why we're teaming up with some of the most socially responsible brands and building our platform together.

Testimonials & thought leadership

Innovative industry leaders recognize the powerful impact of cause marketing with Because – not just on their mission, but on the world.
"Now is a time to be bold, and Because is a bold company with an equally bold mission. If your company doesn’t have a purpose, it’s going to be short-lived. But a company that stands for something will be rewarded by its followers."

Hap Klopp

Co-Founder, The North Face
"Our mission to restore bee habitat and wild oyster reefs locally has always been at the core of who we are. But when it came to sharing that message at scale beyond our wine packaging in store, we weren’t sure where to start. That's where Because comes in."

Brian Thurber

Founder, Proud Pour
"Great products alone are no longer enough. Now, more than ever, people want to know that the brands they buy from have a positive impact on the world. People want brands that understand them, their concerns, and are taking action to do something about it.

The Because platform offers you an effective way to communicate your purpose-driven messages to allow for ongoing conversations, and helps you to continually refine and craft your content.

The result: People know what you stand for over your competitors, and your brand stays top of mind."

Rachel Lorimer

Former Marketing Executive, Unilever
“When the Australian wildfires broke out, I knew I wanted our brand to stand up and offer Save the Koalas T-shirts, but I didn't know how to incorporate that into our buying journey. If we had Because then, we would have been able to quickly mobilize our efforts.”

Carly Zimbone

Senior VP Marketing, The Empowerist

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