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Add product banners and labels for shipping, promotions, reviews, and more to customize your product pages in minutes & convert site visitors.
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Add banners on product pages💥

Add beautiful banners and labels right above your Add-to-Cart button. Update multiple pages in 1-click. No-coding, ever!
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Influence more shoppers🤩

Excite your shoppers by highlighting reviews, promos, sale, shipping info, upcoming stock, quotes and even stories.
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Grow your Shopify store revenue🚀

Store owners see up to 200% more add-to-cart conversions with Because. Start your 15-day trial and watch revenue grow!
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Mr Consistent
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Shameless Pets
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You choose your message.

From sustainability mission, to product ingredients or materials, promotions or discounts, customer reviews, or anything else your imagination can dream up, the content is in your control.
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Customize your banner without any tech help.

Edit your banner width, height, font, colors, icons, copy, and more, all without any fancy tech help. Publish live to your site in a matter of seconds.
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You choose which products you want to show it on.

Because integrates right into your Shopify store, so you can choose only the relevant SKU's for each story.
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Give yourself a pat on the back.

Just like that, you're live. Tweak your banners any time and turn them on/off as your message changes.
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Manage analytics and go back to edit any time.

Your campaign dashboard helps you track how each of your campaigns are performing, so you can go back and tweak.

⭐5 Star Reviews⭐

Growing Shopify businesses share why they love Because.
Patrick Meyer Profile Picture
"We don't have the budget for coders, and if we did, coding is very rigid. If we want to change a message that is another Zoom and invoice. As CEO and Chief Bottle Washer, I NEED control, need to change things when I have a minute. And it takes about... a minute. Thank you, Because!"

El Parche Coffee

Patrick Meyer (Columbian Coffee Brand)
Brandy Mercredi
"Our most important messaging is now right on the product page. It looks great and even better has increased our conversion rate substantially. The whole setup process was a breeze..."


Brandy Mercredi (Canadian Apparel Brand)
"We're so glad that we were able to highlight our sustainable mission where it matters the most: the product page! The implementation was very smooth and easy, I can only recommend!"

Adore Me

Marie Lagadec (Re-Apparel Brand, 100% Recycled Sweatshirts)
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Shameless Pets Banner

Shameless Pets increases sales conversion by 243%

Read how this sustainable pet food brand used Because to drastically increase add to cart actions & sales conversion.
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Henkaa product page banner

Henkaa launches 5 different product page banners with zero code

Read how this Canadian bridesmaids dress company used Because to go live with 5 different product-specific banners, all without the help of a developer.
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