How TomboyX drove a 6.9% Conversion Lift through PDP A/B Testing


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About the Store: 

TomboyX is defined as a high-quality apparel brand that began with quality underwear made for everyone regardless of background and gender. Their apparel ranges from sizes 3XS - 6X. “We asked ourselves, how hard can it be to make good underwear? And by that, we meant underwear that fit regular bodies and fit how we saw ourselves. And underwear that any body could feel comfortable in, regardless of where they fell on the size or gender spectrum,” explains founders Fran and Naomi on their website. 

The Ecommerce Challenge:

Like most apparel brands finding which message resonates with site visitors can be a challenge. On top of other ecommerce challenges such as engaging site visitors and nudging them to click add-to-cart can be difficult if your product detail pages are not proactively communicating with site visitors. TomboyX needed a way to engage site visitors while also providing value on their product pages to turn site visitors into customers.
Types of Because Messages:

Cross-sell and Up-sell Campaigns: 
TomboyX zeroed in on high-focus campaigns that moved site visitors to check out additional products that paired well with their cart items. For example, users checking out bras would be prompted with this message to cross-sell items together, “looking for some underwear to go with this bra? Check out our best-selling Boy Shorts here.” The campaign would link to the additional collection and have users check out additional items. 

Holiday Specific: 
This A/B test ran through the fall and into Halloween. TomboyX’s Halloween collection was able to be served to customers who viewed similar product items and their Banner message was able to link to the collection. Some Halloween-specific messages included, “pick your poison - check out the rest of our Venom Garden collection” and “(trick or) treat yourself - check out the rest of our spooky Halloween collection.”

Conversion Optimization:
Driving conversion is key through these Banners and Text Elements. TomboyX ran campaigns that displayed how many items were in stock, depending on which item a site visitor was viewing. This was always up to date through the Rules Engine through Because. A key message was “Customer Favorite! Only {|product.inventory|} left.”

Review Spotlight: 
Another way to nudge site visitors towards clicking add-to-cart was by putting a spotlight on product reviews, directly on the product page itself. Site visitors didn’t have to scroll to the bottom of the page to view customer reviews, they could simply read them right above or below the add-to-cart button. 
For example, this message would be on display when a site visitor views underwear.

“This material is the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn! No matter what position you’re in, they don’t ride up, roll up, or chafe. They are heavenly! - Leslie”
The Because Solution:

Through the A/B test Because was able to test not only the messages but how site visitors responded to each one. By adding Because to their ecommerce stack, TomboyX was able to display customized messages on the product detail page that were timely and customized to which product the site visitor was viewing. Because was able to bring in a 6.90% conversion rate lift and a $0.14 revenue lift per impression across all campaigns. 

- 6.90% conversion rate lift
- $0.14 Revenue lift per impression 

Through this A/B test, we could determine that several campaigns worked best to bring in a conversion rate lift. The sustainability campaigns drove a 7.69% increase in conversion rate with a 0.52% improvement in conversion. This taught TomboyX that future campaigns on brand ideals and values should be a priority. 

Reviews campaigns were successful and brought in a substantial improvement in conversion rate with a 17% conversion rate increase from one Banner. The “first-time visitor” campaign allowed TomboyX to capture new visitors with a 1.83% increase in conversion rate from one campaign.  

The limited inventory campaign drove increases to both add-to-cart and conversion rates with 1.81% in add-to-cart and 3.36% conversion increase. This taught TomboyX that urgency messages work and are successful in increasing cart conversions.
Breaking Down the Experiment:

The A/B test on TomboyX product detail pages resulted in four weeks of testing 14 campaigns into split audiences. The 14 campaigns were across cross-selling and upsell opportunities, review campaigns, and free shipping messages.

The experiment included showing TomboyX’s product detail page campaigns (the test) to 47.4% of their site traffic and showing the other 52.6% nothing (control).

- Total Impressions in Experiment: 743,000
- Exposure to Because Campaigns:
- Exposed: 47.4% = 352,235
- Not exposed: 52.6% = 390,940

Group A did not see a rotation of the 14 Because campaigns. Out of the 390,940 participants in this group, Group A brought in a 4.30% product detail page conversion rate. This meant out of this group, 99,097 people added items to their cart and 16,823 actually moved through the funnel and clicked purchase.

Group B did see a variety of the 14 Because campaigns. Out of the 352,235 participants, 95,963 participants added items to their cart, and 16,204 moved through the funnel and clicked purchase. Those that saw the Because banners brought in a 4.60% product detail page conversion rate.


Through this A/B test, TomboyX was able to learn which messages drove value and had site visitors take action. TomboyX was able to increase its add-to-cart and conversion rate while also discovering which messages resonated with its audience.

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