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Harlem Capital

VC Fund Biography:

Harlem Capital (HCP) is an early-stage venture capital fund focused on investing in people of color and women. The firm writes checks from $1-2.5mm in seed, seed+ and Series A rounds. Harlem Capital manages $174 million AUM, after most recently raising a Fund II of $134mm in 2021. 95% of HCP’s 39 portfolio companies are founded by diverse founders. The firm has invested across 13 industries, but its focus areas are e-commerce, enterprise software, fintech, and Web3.

Why we invested:

"Many people know ecommerce is growing rapidly, but few realize how much infrastructure is needed to support the products they see online. Ashland and the Because team understand the challenges of product information management and are building to optimize the process in a way the market hasn't seen before. Using Because doesn't just make life easier for ecommerce companies — it unlocks enormous revenue potential for them."

- Brandon Bryant, Partner at Harlem Capital