Chris Cotton

Chris Cotton

Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist


Chris is a lifelong New England native from southern NH and, for many years now, a proud and enthusiastic Bostonian. Enjoying the seasons, running by the water, and staying fit with weights and martial arts are staples for Chris, who, ironically, is also a seasoned baker, confectioner, and video gamer.

Chris’s academic and work experiences are many and varied – a physics, math, and Latin scholar who discovered a passion for health and health science, pursued biochemistry and genetics during his Master’s program at Tufts where he was introduced to bioinformatics, computational biology, software engineering, machine learning, and, ultimately, data science. Chris has since worked in Biotech, AdTech, FinTech, and Defense as a leader, innovator, and fiercely efficient and creative thinker, worker, and solutions architect.

Personal Cause

Corruption and the exploitation of power both in government, in business, and even on the individual level are anathema to a free, peaceful, and prosperous society and Chris stands as a staunch bulwark and defender against them.