Meet the Team Members (3)

Aya Lee

Customer Success


Aya is the heart and soul of our Customer Success organization. She knows every single one of our users inside and out, and is always working to understand how she can help improve your experience with Because! πŸ’œ

Especially being a self-service Shopify app, Aya has a unique role because even though you may not know her personally, she is doing all the work behind the scenes to ensure you are successful. 🀝

From thinking of ways to improve our product, to helping us understand what types of users are joining our incredible community and how we can better serve them, we would be nowhere without Aya!

Not only is Aya a mother to us, but she is also a mother of two young children, 3 dogs, a cat, snakes, and even geckos! Oh and over 50 plants. 

She loves a good beer and her dream is to have a farm house in the province of the Philippines where she’s from. She loves the beach and occasionally goes out to surf--> AKA falling off of the surf board πŸ˜‚

Here's why Aya is excited about Because:

"I love being surrounded by a team of dreamers! To be part of the growth of a small (and female-founded) business keeps me motivated and inspired that someday I can build my own."