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Andres Montés Clemens

Software Engineer


The first team Software Engineer to join us full time, Andres is the steady guy behind the scenes who help keeps our boat 🛶 afloat!

He brings an incredible positive energy ✨ and absolutely no ego to the table every day to help dedicate his skills to whatever we think will be most valuable to all of our customers.👨🏻‍💻

He’s the one to thank 💜 for cool features like cloning 👬 your banners, our icon 🌿 library, and scheduling 🗓 limited time promotions.

With family roots in Mexico 🌱 and living in El Cerrito CA, Andres loves hanging out with his family’s many pups 🐶 , gaming 🎮 , and watching movies 🍿.

Here’s why he’s excited about Because:

"I love seeing small businesses grow and thrive."