Because for Brands

Develop long-lasting, authentic relationships with your consumers, based on something deeper than your product features.

Use cause influencers to solve your brand differentiation problem.

If A or B (or both) are true, you're already making a huge brand authenticity mistake with Gen Z and Millennials.

Your influencer marketing strategy is only focused on paid, product-oriented relationships. B) Your cause marketing strategy is a CSR report on your website and pictures of your team at the soup kitchen last Thanksgiving on LinkedIn.

Okay maybe both are true, but what other option do you have? Introducing the power of intrinsically-motivated cause influencers. Or as we call them, Cause Heroes.

So who are Cause Heroes and why do they care?

There are hundreds of thousands of passionate people on channels like Twitter, Insta, TikTok, Snap,, etc., trying to drive support and policy changes on the causes that matter to them.

We found a way for you to discover the Heroes who care about your cause and join forces to amplify your efforts.

It might start small by asking them to retweet you or join your TikTok challenge, but from there, you can move into a more meaningful brand ambassador relationship. No matter your approach, you're not missing any storytelling opportunity when you're listening with Because.

Social issues are 24/7. Your cause marketing should be, too.

We like to think anti-campaign to avoid the negative backlash that often comes with doing cause marketing only once or twice a year. Instead, the Because platform matches you with the most relevant social conversations every single day, so you can get authentic daily exposure for your brand with the thousands of consumers who share your beliefs.

Now, the next time you meet a potential customer, you can educate them first on what your brand stands for and second on how awesome your product is.

Move from one-off interactions to long-term loyalty with Because.

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