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5 E-Commerce Retailers That Are Giving Back

​Susan Wands

At a time when personal safety is at its peak priority, e-commerce is dominating the consumer market. Some retailers have taken this opportunity to give back in ways that parallel the missions of their companies. Check out these brands that have mastered the art of giving back. 

  1. BoxLunch

BoxLunch, a specialty realtor dedicated to pop culture-themed products, describes themselves as “civic-minded.” Being civic-minded is when someone possesses the interest and care for their surrounding community. BoxLunch is doing just that. For every $10 spent, BoxLunch will donate at least one meal to Feeding America. By 2021, they pledge to donate 5 million meals to food banks all around the country. The company has recently shifted donations directly to Feeding America’s COVID-19 response fund, in order to most effectively target the needs of communities across the nation.

  1. DoneGood

DoneGood is an e-commerce melting pot for ethical retailers. As a platform, they work with brands that are good for people and good for the planet. This means that the companies empower their workers with fair wages and safe working conditions, while committing to sustainability and eco-friendly production. As a result, they have diverted over a million dollars from mainstream retailers to companies dedicated to making the world a better place. DoneGood wants to have you feel good by knowing your money is supporting things that you believe in. 

  1. eBay

eBay For Charity, the newest installment of the popular retailer, empowers its consumers to give back. eBay uses the power of personalization by having their customers pick out the charity they’d like to give to at checkout. They also get to pick the donation percentage of their product. The company partnered with the PayPal Giving Fund, a nonprofit that connects donors, businesses, and charities in order to help charities raise new funds. They even published statistics showing the positive impact that giving back had on business objectives – on average, buyers spent 26% more money on their website. 

  1. ThredUp

ThredUp is the world’s largest online thrift store. As an already established socially conscious retailer, they decided to take things further with their cleanout kits. Customers can order these kits, fill them with their unwanted (yet still high quality) clothing items, send them off, and get paid for their donations. The customer can also choose the option of a donation cleanout kit, where the money goes directly to various partnered charities. ThredUp has upcycled over 100 million items, continuing to fight against the harmful effects of the fast fashion industry.

  1. Good On You

Good On You is tackling the global fashion industry and the skeletons in its closet. Fast fashion has been known to correlate with pollution, waste, and human rights abuse. That’s why Good On You created a rating system for fashion brands surrounding their actions towards the planet, its people and animals. Each brand has a blurb explaining their rating with an easy link that takes you straight to shopping. 

These companies are at the forefront of making change within the e-commerce market and these brands have shown how simple and effective implementing social impact into a sustainable business model can be. 

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