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A Powerful New Look for Because

A Powerful New Look for Because

Jonathan Roque

We are launching a new look for Because! We have redesigned and revamped how you create Banners and Text Elements, with a simpler flow and much easier-to-understand Rules Engine.

We are very excited to announce the launch of a new look for Because! We have redesigned and revamped how you create Banners and Text Elements, with a simpler flow and much easier-to-understand Rules Engine.

New Look. More Powerful.

We have revamped how you create Banners and Text Elements in Because, with a simpler flow to create your campaigns quickly and more powerfully. We removed unnecessary steps to get your campaigns live, like hiding more advanced settings in the editor. We also added "saved selectors" in the final Preview step to allow you to save selectors you want to place your campaigns above or below. We know this one was highly requested so let us know what you think!

We also emphasized the experience for building Banners and our newly launched Text Elements campaign type, so you'll notice the editor is now geared towards those types of campaigns. Most excitingly, we launched "inherit theme styling" which automatically inherits the styling of the div your campaign is sitting above or below on your site. This is technical speak for: we match your site fonts, colors, and sizes so you don't have to do it manually. 

Below, we dive into the specifics on each part of our 4 step creation flow to create a new campaign.

image (13)


The playbook library is much simpler and all at the beginning when you select what type of campaign to create. If you want to create your own, just click the big purple button "create your own." Each playbook includes both a design with pre-written copy + a set of rules. You can also toggle between Text Elements and Banners to explore our different Playbooks and give you a head start on creating your campaign.

If you hover over each Playbook where "rules" is purple underlined, you'll see the templated rules included. These rules are meant to be fully customized by you, but to help get you started with examples. For example, if you hover over the rules for our inventory Playbooks, you'll see "inventory is greater than or equal to 1 but less than 25." Once you get to the 3rd step in the creation flow, you'll be able to edit the rules to match your own inventory thresholds and even add in other additional rules by clicking "customize playbook." 


Editor Basic Settings Text Element Example-1


Creating a Text Element or Banner in the editor is still very similar to the old experience, but with a few major enhancements including our rich text editor experience which looks and feels very similar to editing text in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

If you go in to edit an old Banner, you will still see your header and body text edited separately. But if you go in to create a new Banner or Text Element, you'll see our new rich text editor that combines header and body into one simple text editing experience. Please note we'll eventually be moving all campaigns to the new experience - we just didn't want to cause too much disruption in this release. 

With an emphasis on greater flexibility on what types of campaigns to create, you are not locked into one content type. Once you're in the editor, you can actually still switch between banners and text elements using the dropdown at the top.

We also moved some of the more advanced editing capabilities into a totally separate Advanced settings experience to help you move faster through editing the basics. Functionality like spacing, margin, and custom css. 

Finally, we made updates to ensure every campaign you create in Because is integrated with the design and functionality of your Shopify store. With “inherit theme styling,” your campaign inherits your Shopify theme fonts, colors, sizing and the whole look of your product page. Minimizing the need for manual design and font selection, since it inherits directly from your store. 


Aug 2022 Rules Engine close to free shipping playbook

Display Rules  

With this new experience, we have put a greater focus on rules, with the Rules Engine now operating as a sidebar with a dropdown menu of rules to add to your campaigns. We have three categories of rules including Product, Site Visitor, and Cart. Each type of rule within those categories now has detailed descriptions of what they are.

If you navigate to the dropdown at the top, you can toggle between "Use Custom Rules" and "Use Playbook." Rule playbooks help you get inspired with easy-to-fill-in examples on how to use rules. For example, a shipping threshold playbook that allows you to fill in your shipping threshold for when a message should show that a customer has qualified for free shipping based on what's in their cart. 

If you started by using a Playbook and you want to add additional custom rules on top of it, just click "customize playbook" and toggle the dropdown menu on the left side bar to "Use Custom Rules." When you click on a rule on the right, you'll see a purple plus sign pop up to add a new rule.



  • Switch between Banners & Text Elements: You are not locked into one campaign type anymore - you can switch between Banners and Text Elements in the editor. Test the new Text Elements to add to your product page.  
  • Full-text editor. You can now edit all parts of your text (colors, underline, etc.) with a full-text editor. 
  • 1 icon option with both left and right alignment for Banners.  
  • Simplified Rules Engine: The Rules Engine is now completely redesigned and optimized for ease of use and plain English so you don't get confused.
  • Rules now have Playbooks too! You can choose from predefined Rules Playbooks that ask you to fill in simple inputs to use them (like your shipping threshold in order to tell customers when they've qualified for free shipping)
    • You can still use "static" product selection under "Product Selection Rules" in the left navigation.
    • Now you can filter your static product list by Tags too
  • Match your Shopify theme styling: Text elements and banners now “inherit your theme styling” meaning they will automatically match your Shopify theme fonts, colors, sizing, etc (typically from your product description styles).


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