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3 Tips: Using Shipping Info to Increase Your Product Page Conversion

3 Tips: Using Shipping Info to Increase Your Product Page Conversion

Ashland Stansbury

It's crucial you have the right shipping offer to convert your hard earned Shopify store traffic. This blog covers the where, what, and how.

According to Privy's State of Shopify Report, "free shipping can help you increase your conversion rate by 3x and free 2-day shipping can help you increase your AOV by 97% and reduce cart abandonment by 18%." But how do you choose the right what, where, and how for your shipping message?


Online shopping is a joyful experience for many -- until we get caught off guard by how much we need to pay for shipping. When it comes to shipping, customers love hearing three magic words: fast, cheap and free.


Now, we’re not saying that the only way to increase conversion for your Shopify store is by being all those things. All you need to do is strategically place and design your shipping banners. Whether you use Because product page banners or typical announcement bars, customizing your shipping info to best fit your site is super important. You should be considering things like where to add the messaging, how to design them visually, and what to say to convince your site visitor to pull the trigger.


In this blog, we are going to show you what matters most when it comes to your shipping offers. Use shipping information to increase your conversion by understanding these three factors.



Like real estate, web design is about location, location, location. Many Shopify stores opt to place their shipping messages on the announcement bar. The borders of a page, particularly the topmost section, is sure to attract attention.


Because product page banner users also add their shipping information above their “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons on each product page.



Shipping banner above add to cart


Using this strategy encourages customers already drawn to a specific item to check out with less hesitation. Online shoppers need a little push, and a great shipping offer might just do the trick.


The best part about using Because banners for this is that you can bulk edit different messages across different product pages without bringing in your developer. And you can change it up and tweak as you want, all in a matter of minutes. No code required.



Now that you know where to best place your shipping banners, how do you design them? Simple symbols and eye-catching colors go a long way in increasing product page conversion.


Using an airplane icon visually suggests international shipping, which could be a make or break for international customers. It's important to use visual queues that get this information across quickly! 


Shipping minimum example


While you may use an airplane to suggest international shipping, you can use a truck icon for domestic orders. This also feeds into the recently popular "shop local" and "support small business" movement which could get you some extra traction.


Domestic Shipping Example




Gift Icon Shipping Example


A shipping box icon and a gift box icon also remind customers of the excitement of receiving a package while adding a relatable brand flair. Each shipment can now be seen as a present: something to look forward to, something worth spending on. Even if it's for themselves😉


Package Icon Shipping Example


If you are a Because user, you can easily choose icons in our new icon library live in the app! Or you can check out one of our favorite free icon sites here. Just make sure to avoid the icons with crowns 👑 next to them if you're looking to stick to free options.


Choose the one that best conveys your message to help increase conversion. Adding icons is such a small, simple way to jazz up your shipping information!


You can also use colors not just for attention but to match the “personality” and culture of your shop. is an example of a shop with an edgy vibe, so their shipping banner uses a unique color that fits their brand.


'No code needed' shipping example


Or take a leaf from Upful Blends' shipping information below and choose monochromatic colors to compartmentalize some important text.



Some choose to keep it simple and to the point while others give you the details. Shipping offers also vary from shop to shop.


Upful Blends offers free shipping with a minimum purchase amount. This is a great deal for both customers and Shopify store owners. The longer they stay on the site, the more they learn about your amazing products. This also gives shoppers a target price and the chance to discover other items to buy instead of spending their extra cash on shipping alone.


Minimum purchase amount shipping example


Aside from a free shipping offer, Radical Girl Gang also chose the message “No Code Needed.” This short announcement emphasizes the hassle-free transactions that customers crave.


'No code needed' shipping example


The same thing can be said about adding the words “fast” and quick” to your shipping banners. Promote a different shipping message by highlighting the efficiency of your delivery service. You can also help customers visualize the process by talking about the packaging or dispatching of their orders.


Fast shipping example



By understanding the Where, How and What of your shipping information, your audience will see how their convenience is your priority. 


It's small details like these that make a company go beyond mere consumption and consumerism. You can transform your store and increase product page conversion by showcasing helpful and convincing shipping offers! Good luck ;)

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