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Getting Started with Because

Getting Started with Because

Ashland Stansbury

Learn all about how to get started with Because, and how to set up your first campaign. Grab some inspiration and see some successful banners from our users.

Welcome to Because! We are super excited for you to join the incredible community of Because users taking their Shopify stores to the next level. Because is a female-founded Shopify app that lets you add Banners, Pop Ups and Top Bar Banners above your add to cart buttons - no code required. Ever! The ultimate goal is for you to grow your store's revenue by putting your product page content on auto-pilot. 

Some of the best campaigns we have seen come from Shopify stores across all industries like Marisa in Motion, TacNGear, Freedom Ravewear, Viv for your V, and Edoughble. They use Because to display dynamic messages on their product pages, like promotions, shipping info, reviews, social mission info, product details, and more. And the cool part is that it actually works… our best users have seen over a 243% increase in their product page conversion since we came into the picture. TacNGear has seen a $6 million dollar revenue, with just 7 campaign messages. 


Our Because users have:


Success with Because: Millner

Jewelry brand Millner highlights their promotions and pre-sale offers through their banners, to entice customers to act in the moment and shop. 




How to set up your first campaign: 


To create your first campaign -

  • Download Because in the Shopify App Store
  • Open Because within your Shopify account
  • You will see a beautiful purple dashboard. Click “Create New Campaign” at the top right hand of the dashboard
  • You will be launched into Playbooks.
    • Playbooks are a simple way for you to see all categories of content you can create for your e-commerce site. The categories you choose and click will immediately launch an example Banner.
  • Click on a Playbook
  • Select “next” and name your Banner
  • Next, you will be launched into our editor, which has some amazing pre-made templates you can choose to use for inspiration or simply redesign your own. You can add in your own brand colors, and icons and choose from different fonts to fit your Shopify brand and colors. Select how you want your icons to be displayed on your banner and get a preview (if your store is live).
    • Select your preference and edit
    • Click next
  • Next, you will be launched into the new Rules Engine. The Rules Engine basically is an advanced way that allows you to set display rules around when and where your Banners, Pop Ups, and Top Bars will show. Rather than just targeting products using Shopify tags, we're now offering 20X the automation capabilities. We have added dozens of new rules so you can automate your Because campaigns. Each rule falls into one of the four categories:

    • Product Rules
    • Scheduling Rules
    • Site Visitor Rules
    • UTM / Page Type Rules

For example, you can set rules like these (and tons more) - and the right Pop Up or Banner (you create and set) will appear.

🌸If collection is equal to Spring... = then show "New Product Launch" Banner.

💰If price is greater than $50... = then show "Promotion Pop Up."

  • Once you have set your rules in the Rules Engine, you will see a preview of your content before it goes live. 

  • Click "Publish" or "Schedule" to schedule your campaign. - Congrats! 🤩 Your campaign is officially live! 🎉 


Tips for designing the best campaign: 

The Because editor will allow you to make all of the changes and customization to your banner here - CODE FREE 🤩

    • Focus on writing a header and body copy that will attract your audience and accomplish your goals (you can start by just copying the template we have or grab ideas from the little information bubble “i”s in the app).
    • Because has a great list of icons available that represent everything from shipping to being eco-friendly to product reviews. You can choose from the library in Because or download and upload your own using -
    • While designing, be sure to avoid these design mistakes for your banner.
    • You may consider trying our new linkable banner functionality and generate more clicks to your product pages.
    • Don’t forget to test out different messages with different campaigns. You can create campaigns to highlight a special sale, free shipping, or showcase some favorite customer reviews. The more campaigns, the more personalized your customer’s shopping experience will be!

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Success with Because: Created by Chane

Check out one of our Because users, Created by Chane, a global art studio that uses banners to remind their customers of the free shipping option. 



Success with Because: TacNGear

TacNGear is a global apparel brand that uses Because to communicate important information across their 4,000 products. Check out the case study here


DM Us: 

If you have any trouble getting set up, dont hesitate to get in touch with us via chat or email our tech support guru,

Login to Because in your Shopify account here.

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