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How to add Geolocation to your Shopify Banners

How to add Geolocation to your Shopify Banners

Jonathan Roque

Thanks to the geo location feature, Because users can have their campaigns right in front of specific users. Users can create their campaigns to show up based on location and country codes.

There is no greater time than now for ecommerce businesses to grow and succeed. Even among all the recent retail and ecommerce challenges, consumers are still shopping and the retail landscape is growing every day. It’s estimated that global ecommerce “is expected to total $5.55 trillion in 2022.”

It’s expected that by 2025 24.5% of all purchases will come from online marketplaces. For Shopify merchants, this is an opportunity to be available. Whether it’s a platform or physical location or if customers are seeking a change in their buying journey. Shopify stores need to be where their customers are at.

What is Geolocation targeting?

So what is geolocation? According to Google Developers Blog, “Geolocation refers to the identification of the geographic location of a user or computing device via a variety of data collection mechanisms.” Translation, it's the location of a device, not the user’s location. So while it refers to the device, geolocation can be used to access the user accessing the device and searching online for something that requires a location.

Because and Geolocation:

Thanks to the geolocation feature, Because users can have their campaigns right in front of specific users. Users can create their campaigns to show up to certain potential customers based on location and country codes. For example, if you have a free shipping offer only to customers in Ireland, you can set up your ‘free shipping Banners’ to only display to users in Ireland. This is helpful in setting and meeting shipping and delivery expectations to customers.


This extends to highlighting a certain collection or a product to certain site visitors. Because users can designate a Banner to show up only in the country they choose.

You can take your geolocations campaigns a step further by adding dynamic text to your campaigns. Together with geolocations rules, you can set up your “free shipping” Banners to have dynamic text that says, “I see you're in Ireland, you can expect 5-7 days for your delivery."


You build a relationship with your customers and offer an incredible customer experience that sets (and meets) their expectations. Learn more about dynamic text for your Banners, Bars, and Pop Ups.

Geolocation targeting is helpful to:

  • Promote shipping and delivery expectations and times to specific customers
  • Easily automate and schedule deals to a specific location demographic
  • Show store and retail locations by country

How to add Geolocation to your Product Pages:

To add geolocation content to your product pages, head to the dashboard and select a Playbook. Once you have created your campaigns in Playbooks and have edited your design and content, move on to Rules.

In the Rules dashboard, once you have selected how you want to set your Product rules:

  1. Select “Add Site Visitor Rules
  2. From the dropdown menu, select “Geolocation
  3. In the next dropdown menu, select “contains” under Condition
  4. In the next section “Value” - add the country code you would like your campaign to appear for. (6)

Be sure to save your work and click publish - once you are done.

The goal of the Rules Engine is to allow you to have greater control over your messaging within your product pages. Letting you automate your content, so it shows up at the right time, to the right customer. 

Manifesting Minnie and Seed Grocer are two Shopify merchants that use geolocation to tell their site visitors their shipping information based on their location. Seed Grocer sells seeds for gardening and communicates their free shipping offers to customers only in the Philippines. Manifesting Minnie communicated their shipping price to users in the United Kingdom.

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