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How Henkaa saved 240 hours and  achieved a 20x+ ROI with Because

How Henkaa saved 240 hours and  achieved a 20x+ ROI with Because

Jonathan Roque

Learn how Henkaa became a disruptor in the billion-dollar wedding industry and achieved a 20x ROI with Because.

About the Store: 

Henkaa is a Canadian wedding dress shop "for the modern bride," that creates and sells convertible dresses in multiple styles that can be worn over and over to reduce waste and reduce cost. Their incredible female-founded team is working to empower women to look and feel good when dressing up for a special occasion, through efforts like inclusive sizing. 

Their Challenge: 

Henkaa's wedding dresses had an incredible opportunity to be a disrupter in the $52 billion dollar wedding industry, but they needed a way to reach their target audience with the right information across their 142 unique products. Henkaa's founder, Sonia wanted an innovative way to feature the right information on each page without bringing in a developer and wasting hours and hours each month.


The Because Solution: 

The team at Henkaa needed an app that would help save them time, and be able to update product page information in one place. They found Because by searching for a product page customizer solution on the Shopify app store. 

She installed Because to help get the right message to their audience by creating almost 20 Banners in just a few sessions. Not only did this give Sonia the power to bring her unique message to life on every single product page without engaging a developer, but it has driven an incredible impact on her store growth!


Henkaa's Results:



Their Strategy: 


The right message at the right time

Henkaa displays different messages across their different products, giving customers just the right message at the right time. Here are just a few of the messages they shared on different Product Pages:

  • 💜 Their founding story
  • 🌱 Sustainability info 
  • 👧 Their women's empowerment mission
  • 📏 Product sizing information
  • ⭐ Customer reviews 
  • 📦 Pre-order information
  • 🔥 Bundle opportunities 
  • 📣 Special deals and promotions
  • 👗 Stock/inventory info
  • 👐 How/where their product is made


Optimized for Mobile:

Because is optimized for any device so you can reach your customers where they are. Because Banners are fully supported for an inclusive experience no matter what theme or apps you use on your Shopify site.

With this easy adaptability, Henkaa's Because Banners are displayed beautifully on mobile to complement the overall experience for the customer and ultimately guide them through to conversion. 




No-code </> Implementation:

In addition to being totally mobile friendly, Because is completely no-code, which allowed the Henkaa team to brand every single element of their Banners to match the Henkaa image and site, from their copy to their colors, fonts, icons, Banner width, etc. All without any code.

Shopify Tags and Curating Content:

In order to speed up the process of publishing unique content across almost 200 product pages, Henkaa used product tags like "bundle" to dynamically display only the right products for each message- at scale. This was a big, time saver for the Henkaa team. 👏




With the breadth of unique messages across their almost 200 product pages, Henkaa and the team can finally guide their hard-earned site visitor through the buying journey from "add-to-cart" through to the final moment, order confirmation! The result? Hundreds of saved hours each year, increased 'add-to-cart' rates up to staggering numbers as high as 50%, fewer abandoned carts, millions of dollars in revenue, and 20X ROI. 

If you need help creating your campaigns, or need inspiration, simply slide on over to the Help Center tab, and just chat with us below or email Grab some more inspiration from our other case studies


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