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How Because brought in $6.1 million in revenue for  Swedish Brand Tac N Gear

How Because brought in $6.1 million in revenue for  Swedish Brand Tac N Gear

Jonathan Roque

With more than 4,000 products and 7 campaigns on their site, TacNGear really has thousands of messages that make their product pages unique for each customer.

About the store: 

Nothing says adventure like having the right tools and apparel. TacNGear is a Swedish outdoor brand for military, police, and outdoor lovers looking for high-quality equipment from backpacks to apparel to police gear. It all started with a book…yup…really!

In 2005, one of the founders created a booklet for police officers while at the police academy himself. Cut to 2 years later and their first product was born, “The PowerTank pen,” still a staple product from TacNGear. “The pen solved the problem with ballpoint pens that froze and stopped working at minus degrees. Previously, you had to carry at least 3 pens close to your body so that some were constantly heated. Now 1 PowerTank pen was enough.”

In 2011, TacNGear began selling the world-leading equipment for the police and military and soon became what they are known as today. “We received more and more requests for equipment for outdoor life and adventure. That said, we were soon in that industry as well. The step was not very far as this equipment in many cases was very close to the equipment we already offered the police and military.”



The ecommerce challenge:

Display unique info on thousands of products

With more than 4,000 products and an average of 35,000 monthly site visitors, TacNGear’s challenge was figuring out how they could display unique information on individual products. They needed an automated way of tagging products while making their product pages unique. 

TacNGear had to communicate not only the regular shipping and pricing information every ecommerce store has - but highly important product info like restricting products unless the buyer has “proof of employment and affiliation with a police and military organization” and communicating which products can not be returned ever due to the type of product. 

Another challenge TacNGear ran into was the volume of ad spend it went through. We estimate that on average, medium-sized Shopify stores with a high volume of products cumulatively spend $29 billion dollars annually, just to get a typical 3% conversion rate. TacNGear’s high volume of products and size meant that every ad they ran needed to continue the same message once visitors clicked and landed on their website. 


The Because solution: 

TacNGear used Because to automate all their messages across their 4,200 products. They created seven essential campaigns that communicated unique messages across each of their products.

TacNGear’s products are highly sensitive such as weapon accessories and protective equipment for military and police officers. The Because app offered them an automated way and a no-code solution that saved them time and money on hiring web developers to change every message across their products and waste manual hours updating thousands of pages. 

According to Shopify, “57% of consumers are willing to shop at new brands or stores for the first time.” Translation…first impression is everything! Because helped TacNGear to communicate the key message they wanted their first-time site visitors to see as they considered a purchase decision. Each message made their product pages unique and gave essential info for the buyer to make a decision or have the right documentation (for those products that needed proof of military and police affiliation).


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Types of Because messages:

Restricted Products:

An essential message can go a long way if you’re a Shopify merchant with products that need to have additional information such as dietary restrictions or out-of-stock info.

TacNGear sells highly sensitive products like weapon accessories such as glocks and tactical batons, fire and safety gear, and much more police and military equipment. These products require a certificate to be emailed to TacNGear and proof of employment or affiliation.

All of this is now communicated on each product page so customers are aware and can have a smooth shopping experience. TacNGear strategically placed this on their site, in a bright red bold Because Banner. 


No Exchange or Return:

Since their products are weapon accessories and some are related to protective gear like face masks and assault spray, these products can not be returned back to TacNGear. They gave their site visitors these expectations and information upfront with a Banner message. 


New In-store Products:

This message was an investment for TacNGear as they opened up a physical retail location in Stockholm. The message across their product pages communicated the address to shop the products in-store with a clickable Banner showing directions to their location. They were able to add these messages to any new products and automate where the message will show across their site. 





TacNGear’s results left us in shock! 4,200 products and 7 Because campaigns brought TacNGear more add-to-cart rates for each of their products. The average add-to-cart rate with a Because message on TacNGear’s products led to an average 3.1% increase. 

Just their 7 campaigns brought in a total of 1.8 million views. Using the Because analytics dashboard, the TacNGear team was able to see which message was resonating best with their site visitors and make adjustments accordingly. They were also able to quickly drill down and see which of their products were top-performing among their campaigns - looking at a measurement of both impressions and total revenue per product.



With more than 4,000 products and 7 campaigns on their site, TacNGear really has thousands of messages that make their product pages unique for each customer. The automation allowed them to easily communicate any message and increase their revenue online and offline, by driving users to their physical retail location.

As more Shopify merchants look for tools that save them time and automate tasks Because is the no-code solution that lets you set up your campaigns and grow your business.  Grab some more inspiration from our other case studies

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