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How Marisa in Motion increased add to cart rate by 2%

How Marisa in Motion increased add to cart rate by 2%

Jonathan Roque

Marisa Fuller, the Founder, and CEO of Marisa in Motion, started her business after a cancer screening and an introduction to the world of Pilates, all happening at the same time.

About the Store: 

Marisa Fuller, the Founder, and CEO of Marisa in Motion, started her business after a cancer screening and an introduction to the world of pilates, all happening at the same time. Marisa decided she would open a pilates studio and start an online apparel brand inspired by pilates. 

Marisa took her entrepreneurial spirit even further by designing all the pilates-inspired apparel on her own and taking advantage of the “pause” the world took during the height of the global pandemic

Marisa in Motion


The Ecommerce Challenge: Keeping Hundreds of Product Pages up to Date 

How do you engrain the most important messages through every touchpoint of your Shopify store to give visitors the trust they need to make a purchase decision? Marisa in Motion has so many clear messages to share on their product pages, from their founding story to reviews, inventory stock, promotions, and social mission. 

But, they ran into the problem most growing Shopify stores fall into, which is keeping their product pages up to date with all that info. As a small business, they had been pouring money into ads to drive traffic to their site. The challenge was they didn’t know how to ensure the right message would land with the right visitor on each page. There was even less assurance that those who clicked their ads would convert. 

Marisa in Motion knew if they found the right message for each product page that it could not only resonate with customers and get them to purchase but could also help them build a loyal base of community members who support their brand in the long term. 

Marisa had tried adding shipping info, reviews, promotions, social mission, inventory, and more on their product pages one by one. But with little resources, she had difficulty keeping hundreds of products up to date. She didn’t want to get a developer involved just to have to re-engage them next time she needed to change the messages (probably next month).

Marisa wanted to make sure her product pages were as informative and up to date as possible for her site visitors to make a purchase decision.



The Because Solution: 

Adding Because to their ecommerce stack allowed Marisa in Motion to communicate all the messages they needed on each page to get site visitors to convert

Because saved Marisa in Motion over 480 hours in having to update messaging across her site on every product page last year. It also prevented her from having to hire an expensive web developer in order to offer a dynamic, informative experience across her products. Marisa can now focus her efforts on other key areas of growing her business instead. 

The Because dashboard gave Marisa in Motion the view to see which products have which messages so she can easily manage over 100 different products and almost a dozen different messages across her campaigns. This helped her make the best decision possible on which products to create campaigns for as well as which messages were resonating with visitors based on real-time analytics. 

With an industry average across ecommerce sites of 69% cart abandonment, having the right messages displayed at the right time on her product pages helped Marisa’s customers get exactly the right information required to make their purchase decision before even getting to the cart. 


Types of Because Messages:


Product Reviews:

Nothing says customer love more than a product review. Each product page displayed a customer review, tied uniquely to the product. The reviews can easily be added or changed at any time to fit a certain collection of products or one singular product. The reviews were strategically placed below the add-to cart button and not pushed to the bottom like most Shopify apps, giving much more exposure to site visitors.


Founding Story:

Having your story engrained through every digital experience on your Shopify site is crucial to building a brand with a loyal following. Through all the moments and the journey, Marisa had to go through personally and professionally, she chooses to share that story and make it part of her mission to inspire others.

What better way to cut through the noise in the apparel industry than connecting with your customers and letting them know straight out which product (and overall purchase) is supporting a cause bigger than the business. 




The product page is often the final page site visitors see before clicking “add-to-cart.” Using Because to display dynamic messages gave their site visitors all the information they needed to make a purchase decision. The messages were simple and related to each product individually, not generic across her whole site. 

After a year of using Because, Marisa in Motion’s Because campaigns brought in:

  • over 40,813 views, which converted into $316,147 in revenue
  • saw an average 2% increase in their add-to-cart rate on products with messaging 


Through the power of her story and amazing apparel designs, Marisa in Motion is a leading brand online and offline that inspires people to get fit and active. With Because, the power of automation and the right messaging, their site increased revenue, added a personal touch to every product page, and overall increase its conversion rate.

The result? Besides all these awesome statistics, they set the right expectations with their customers with the most important information on their product pages and created an environment where they want to return again and again. 

If you need help creating your campaigns, or need inspiration, simply slide on over to the Help Center tab, and just chat with us below or email Grab some more inspiration from our other case studies

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