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Marketing with Banners on your Product Page for BFCM

Marketing with Banners on your Product Page for BFCM

Jonathan Roque

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner...Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or as us, e-commerce folks call it BFCM!

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner...Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or as us, e-commerce folks call it BFCM! 🛒 These two events, kick off the holiday season for retail and ecommerce with major sales, exclusive products, and incentives to shop. 

Last year, BFCM was obviously different with the global pandemic at its height, but one thing that grew was the way people shopped. The total amount of BFCM sales came out to be a mind-blowing 🤯 $5.1 billion dollars globally. A major bump from the $2.9 billion dollars spent in 2019 by Shopify merchants. 

Black Friday Banners = Increased Conversion

Major sales and deals are advertised everywhere! And we mean everywhere, email, homepage, social media, and even those digital ads that follow you everywhere. 👀🍪 But there is one place your customers are always looking at, the product page! With product page banners, Because has created a new real estate space, that allows you to add banners above the add to cart button! 

What we call this new real estate, is it allows you to display the necessary info on specific products and really customize what message you want to let your customers know. This is perfect for all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, you can advertise to your customers. 

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What messages should I display? 

  1. 🛍 SALES, and all the DEALS! Let your customers know the latest BFCM deals on each product 
  2. 📦 Shipping and delivery information which are essential for any BFCM deal 
  3. ⭐️ Product reviews to let your products shine with all the awesome things your customer say
  4. Limited deals and products so your customers can snag exclusive deals
  5. 🛒 Pair items with linkable banners and give customers the opportunity to purchase additional items 

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Cyber Monday Banners = Less Abandoned Carts 

Banners are the perfect opportunity to have fewer abandoned carts by guiding customers to purchase specific products. Display linkable banners and cross-sell items across your site that pair well. Add product-specific banners to each individual product and display all the info that makes your product unique. 🏆 For example, is it vegan, handmade, locally sourced or do proceeds from a purchase benefit an organization? 

Add your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Banners!

If you need help, simply slide on over to the Help Center tab, and check out some more inspiration or just chat with us below or email

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