Ashland Stansbury

Chief Believer Officer


There’s a reason they call her our Chief Believer Officer. She’s believed wholeheartedly in our mission since the start and got a whole group of crazy people to follow along. Being raised in New England by a Texan family of multi-time entrepreneurs gave her a love for tacos and starting companies.

After winning the Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2015 for running a house painting company, she went on to change the face of cause marketing with Because.

In her free time, she can be found playing tennis, being way too competitive in ping pong, listening to country music, or hanging out with her 14-year-old Portuguese water dog Sailor.

Personal Cause

Ashland has an intense passion for women’s empowerment and is already well on her way to bringing that passion to life through making Because majority female founded, female employed, female branded, female coded, and 40% female funded.