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How Because drove a 38% increase in Add to Carts across 100 Stores

How Because drove a 38% increase in Add to Carts across 100 Stores

Jonathan Roque

If you have read our case studies, you know that add to cart rates are an essential part of how Because users can measure success across their Shopify stores.

If you have read our case studies or any of our amazing content, you know that add-to-cart rates are an essential part of how Because users can measure success across their Shopify stores. Add-to-cart rates are important in measuring several things about your ecommerce shop. They can tell us how effective our content is across product pages. Add-to-cart rates can set you up to learn about your target audience and site visitors.

Littledata surveyed 2,305 stores in March 2022 and found the average add-to-cart rate was at 5.0%. Littledata answered the question everyone wants to know, “what is a good add-to-cart rate?” “Anything more than 8.3% would put you in the best 20% of stores we benchmark for add-to-cart rate, and more than 10.4% would put you in the best 10%.”

Because users and add to cart rates:

The 90-day MA (moving average) shows an average increase of add-to-cart rates by +2.1% since installing Because. Our initial hypothesis was that by placing targeted unique content across customer product pages, we could increase add-to-cart rates, and therefore product page conversion.

Out of the top 100 companies analyzed who have had our app installed for 3 months or more, there is a noticeable positive trend. The current 90th percentile for which is at +2.1%. Assuming an average 5.4% add-to-cart rate for ecommerce stores, a 2.1% increase is equal to a 38% increase!

We have seen firsthand how users like Marisa in Motion increased their add-to-cart rate and can measure their site visits. After a year of using Because, Marisa in Motion’s Because campaigns brought in over 40,813 views. They saw an average 2% increase in their add-to-cart rate on products with messaging using Because.

Success across 2,000 products:

It is estimated that a record number of 2.6 million weddings will take place this year. Ja-Hochzeitsshop is an online e-commerce site for wedding decorations, gifts, and tons of other wedding-related products. The German brand has over 27,000 followers on Instagram and tons of loyal customers shopping everything from wedding planning to celebrating the big day.

With over 2,811 products on its site, Ja-Hochzeitsshop needed a way to manage each of its product pages. Each page has different types of information related to each product. By communicating all the messages they needed on each product page, Ja-Hochzeitsshop was able to increase to an average of 6% add to cart rate, on products with Because Banners and messages. With over 44 published Because campaigns across their site and 2,811 products, Ja-Hochzeitsshop saved countless hours without having to get a costly developer involved. (2)

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